Ferroalloy mini-plant that produces nickel, titanium, molybdenum, aluminum alloys and other metals alloys for the market consumers-producers of metallurgical products.

Our feature is multidisciplinary production, self-sufficiency in steel, iron and non-ferrous castings for the technological needs of production. The strictest control of incoming raw materials and finished products. We have highly organized batching and storage facilities and modern, constantly updated laboratory control methods. The most important, is that we use a systematic approach to organizing the production process.

The METPROMSERVIS team began its activity in 2000. The plant produces a wide range of ferroalloys: ferronickel, ferrotitanium, ferronickelchrome and other.

We have gathered the best and the most experienced specialists.

The company develops and implements new technologies aimed at ensuring stable operation of the plant, improving the quality of ferroalloys, increasing labor productivity and meeting the growing requirements of consumers. The plant’s specialists carry out research work, results of which have been introduced into production and have already given a certain economic effect.

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