Measuring laboratory METPROMSERVIS performs:

The completeness and accuracy of the organization and measurement ensures reliable, objective and sufficiently precise results achieved by the laboratory’s quality system, set out in the “Quality Manual” and in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

The laboratory is filled with personnel with higher and special education.

The equipment

Control of chemical composition of raw materials and metal products is done by photoelectric and X-ray fluorescent methods on emission spectrometer Spectrolab, optical emission spark spectrometer SpectroMAXx, Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer with Rigaku NEX cg polarization and on the optical emission spectrometer with the inductively coupled plasma SpectroBlue FMX36.


The control of metal products for oxygen and nitrogen content is performed on Leco gas analyzers using the vacuum melting method. Preparation of samples for measurements is performed in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian and international standards.